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Publishing gospel-centered content in Polish that honours God and serves His Church.


All titles by European Christian Mission Foundation (Poland) and Christ the Saviour Presbyterian Church Krakow

Published titles: 
Advent Meditations (Devotional) - Redeemer Presbyterian Church New York City
Can Man Live without God? - Ravi Zacharias
Crazy Busy - Kevin DeYoung 
Gay Girl, Good God - Jackie Hill Perry
Is God Anti-Gay? - Sam Allberry
Lenten Devotional - Redeemer Presbyterian Church New York City
Preparing for Marriage - John Piper
The Holiness of God - Robert Charles Sproul
The Gospel Call and True Conversion - Paul Washer
The Gospel as Center - Timothy Keller, D.A. Carson
The Gospel of Jesus Christ - Paul Washer
The Biggest Story - Kevin DeYoung
What is Baptism? - Robert Charles Sproul (free ebook)
What is the Lord’s Supper? - Robert Charles Sproul (free ebook)

Titles being translated:
American Gospel - film subtitles 
Essential Means of Grace
- Paul Washer
Romans for You - Timothy Keller
What is Reformed Theology? - R.C. Sproul

Preparing for print/publishing: 
Are We Together? - Robert Charles Sproul
Don't Waste Your Cancer - John Piper
Gospel Assurance and Warnings - Paul Washer
Narrow Gate, Narrow Way - Paul Washer
Responsive Psalms - Aleksander Nezamutdinov 
Ten Indictments against the Modern Church - Paul Washer

MW Publishing is currently working on a series of 16th century Reformed catechisms (in modern Polish) as well as the Westminster Standards. 
The Brest Catechism (1553-1554)
The Emden Catechism (1551, 1554) –
John à Lasco
The Krakow Catechism (XVI cent.)
The London Confession (1551) John à Lasco
Westminter Confession of Faith
Westminster Larger Catechism 
Westminster Shorter Catechism 

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