I believe in God, the Gentleman...

on 20 March 2020 by Aleksander Nezamutdinov

In the last few months I have found that a new doctrine has developed within the modern Evangelicalism. God has received a new attribute. God is a gentleman... Poor God is standing at the door of people's hearts, knocking and waiting until someone has mercy on Him and opens the door. I have heard, that in Krakow's Old Town a few weeks ago, some Charismatic was preaching on the street and wanted to "sell" Jesus to people passing by and used this illustration: "If you came to someone’s house and that person did not want to open the door... How would you feel? It is the same with Jesus. He is standing at the door of your heart and knocking...”.

Obviously it does not bother anyone that the text used here comes from the Book of Revelation and was targeted at believers, the born-again people. I do not know why I am surprised, because people often learn their theology from art (or American Christian films which would be difficult to call art) instead of the Word of God. Everything happened around 170 years ago, when William Holman Hunt painted “The Light of the World”. You can read about the painting here.

To answer the nonsensical accusation that God is a gentleman, I can only cite Steve Lawson’s and provide a few biblical texts that were selected by Rev. Kevin DeYoung which show what kind of “gentleman”  our sovereign, mighty, merciful, just, loving and jealous God is.

Jesus does not merely stand knocking at the door of your heart; he blows the door off its hinges, enters, and says, “You are mine!”  Steve J. Lawson.


The nations are under God’s control (Psalm 2:1-4; 33:10), as is nature (Mark 4:41; Psalm 135:7; 147:18; 148:8), and animals (2 Kings 17:25; Dan. 6:22; Matt. 10:29).

God is sovereign over Satan and evil spirits (Matt. 4:10; 2 Cor. 12:7-8; Mark 1:27).

God uses wicked people for his plans—not just in a “bringing good out of evil” sort of way, but in an active, intentional, “this was God’s plan from the get-go” sort of way (Job 12:16; John 19:11; Gen. 45:8; Luke 22:22; Acts 4:27-28).

God hardens hearts (Ex. 14:17;Josh. 11:20; Rom. 9:18).

God sends trouble and calamity (Judg. 9:23; 1 Sam. 1:5; 16:14; 2 Sam. 24:1; 1 Kings 22:20-23; Isa. 45:6-7; 53:10; Amos 3:6; Ruth 1:20; Eccl. 7:14).

God even puts to death (1 Sam. 2:6, 25; 2 Sam 12:15; 2 Chr. 10:4, 14; Deut. 32:39).

God does what he pleases and his purposes cannot be thwarted (Isa. 46:9-10; Dan. 4:34-35).

In short, God guides all our steps and works all things after the counsel of his will (Prov. 16:33; 20:24; 21:2; Jer. 10:23; Psalm 139:16; Rom. 8:21; Eph. 1:11).

God does all these things, not because is or he is not a gentleman but because He is a sovereign God who does what He thinks is right and not what we think is logical. If He didn't not do what He wanted, He would not be God.

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Aleksander Nezamutdinov - minister-in-training at Christ the Saviour Church Krakow. Studies at Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine in Kiev. Interested in Church history, history of Protestantism, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Galicia and Krakow. Loves Slavic studies, reading and listening to good jazz and bossa nova.