Book study Great Biblical Doctines - God the Father, God the Son

on 18 June 2020

church event

We invite you to the book study of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones's book "Great Biblical Doctrines - God the Father, God the Son".

You’ve experienced the need for sound, biblical doctrine, haven’t you? When members of a cult showed up at your doorstep. When a coworker started spouting New Age ideas. When a pastor candidated at your church. When your child came home from college and wanted to know how the Bible could be true in light of all the other worldviews out there. It is essential that we think with clarity about these issues because so much in our world―from the media to our schools―openly defies biblical Truth.

If you’ve realized the urgency of establishing the doctrinal ground on which you stand, the chapters of this book will help you build that foundation. Lloyd-Jones clearly explains the character and ministries of each person of the trinity, as well as the Bible’s teaching on the church, the afterlife, and end times. If you want to learn more about the great doctrines of the Bible but don’t want to wade through lengthy academic works, here is a complete guide that will help you learn and integrate Christian doctrine with your daily life.

Please take a mask with you. The meetings are in Polish. 

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18 June 2020
17:30 - 19:00